The Beatles akkorde

The Beatles akkorde

Blackbird akkorde

G, Am7, G/B, C, C#dim, D, D#Mb5, Em, Eb+, Dbdim, Cm, A7, C/D, F, Dm, Gm/Bb

Do You Want To Know A Secret akkorde

Em, Am, G, F, B7, E, G#m, Gm, F#m, Am/C, A, C#m, Bm

Here Comes The Sun akkorde

D, G, A7, E7, F, C, G/B, A7sus4

Little Queenie akkorde

A5, A4, A, D, E

Maggie Mae akkorde

G, C, D, D7

Now And Then akkorde

Am, G6, Fmaj7, E, E7, A4, G, Bm, Em, D, Dm, C

Sun King akkorde

E, A6, Emaj7, E6, A#6, Emaj7/B, Dm, C, Cmaj7, Gm7, A7, F, D7, Em7, C7

Where Have You Been All My Life akkorde

F, Dm, Bb, C, C9

With A Little Help From My Friends akkorde

C, D, E, B, F#m, A, C#m, F#

Yesterday akkorde

C, Bm7, E7, Am, G, F, C/B, D7, Bm, Dm6, G7, Dm

Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away akkorde

G, D4, Fadd9, C/E, C, D, D/C, D/B, D/A, Dsus2, G/D
Die Akkorde der bekanntesten Lieder von The Beatles